Abdominal Transplant Surgery

A World-Class Team of Hepatologists, Nephrologists, Cardiologists and Anesthesiologists in St. Louis

SLU doctors performed the first kidney transplant in St. Louis in the 1970s. Since then, the physicians of Saint Louis University have excelled in abdominal transplant surgery, providing access to kidney, kidney/pancreas, pancreas after kidney, and liver transplant procedures.

We provide compassionate and state-of-the-art care for people in St. Louis and the surrounding areas with organ failure, and with end-stage renal and liver disease. We also honor and steward the gift organs from donors to the best of our abilities.

Comprised of a world-class team of hepatologists, nephrologists and cardiologists, as well as other SLUCare specialists, we are a true Center of Abdominal Transplantation that has entered into a new era of patient and family-centered care.

And as an academic medical practice, we are doctors, educators and researchers. Our collaborative projects with entities such as Saint Louis University's world-class Center for Outcomes Research, puts our abdominal transplant programs at the forefront transplant science.

Adult Transplant Services Available

  • Kidney transplants
  • Kidney/pancreas transplants
  • Liver transplants

Pediatric Transplant Services Available

  • Liver transplants
  • Kidney transplants

Doctors Office BuildingSLUCare Abdominal Transplant Surgery Location

Doctors Office Building
3660 Vista Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110
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