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Patient Care and Support Services

Saint Louis University Cancer Center offers the latest available cancer care from a team of medical professionals on the forefront of cancer research, education, diagnosis and treatment.


Patients at the Cancer Center may participate in clinical trials through the Saint Louis University Schools of Medicine and Public Health, offering advanced and promising treatments that are unavailable in many clinical practices.


Saint Louis University Cancer Center has some of the most sophisticated screening and diagnostic tools to detect cancer, including genetic counseling, an advanced Breast Imaging Center, an endoscopy suite, computed tomography scans, positron emission tomography and MRI.

Excellent Patient Care

Patients receive friendly, compassionate care from dedicated health care professionals at a teaching facility. The team collaborates to create personalized treatment plans. Treatment options run the gamut from high-tech bone marrow and stem cell transplantation (autologous and allogeneic) and advanced technology for image-guided surgery to radiation oncology and chemotherapy. Patients may receive genetic counseling, pastoral care and hospice care assistance from social workers.


Staffed by oncology professionals, the Saint Louis University Cancer Information Center offers some of the latest personalized information to patients, their families and the general public, including access to web-based cancer information sites and support groups. Saint Louis University Cancer Center carries its expertise into the community through a speakers' bureau, participation in health fairs and other educational outreach efforts.

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