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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Delivering Advanced Care for Diseases of the Heart and Lungs

SLUCare cardiothoracic surgeons are renowned experts in the treatment of heart and lung diseases, offering some of the most advanced care in the St. Louis region. Our team offers surgeries as delicate as heart and lung transplantation for the very young to complex procedures for adults, such as surgical treatment for lung cancer, esophageal cancer or tumors in the chest.

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Adult Thoracic Services

SLUCare cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Keith Naunheim is director of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Together with Dr. Joseph Platz, our cardiothoracic team treats adult patients for conditions affecting the lungs, chest wall, esophagus and mediastinum (chest cavity). Our doctors are skilled in the use of minimally invasive techniques, such as thoracoscopy and laparoscopy, to reduce patients’ pain, shorten hospital stays, and help patients return to normal activities more quickly.

As part of an academic medical practice, our cardiothoracic surgeons work with specialists in gastroenterology, oncology, pulmonology, critical care medicine and radiation oncology to develop individualized treatment plans and deliver coordinated patient care. We take time to listen to your concerns and offer clear explanations about your condition and treatment options.

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Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery Location

St. Mary’s Surgical and Specialties
1035 Bellevue Ave, Suite 500
St Louis, MO 63117
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