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SLUCare Central is SLUCare’s new front door — a singular point of contact that makes it easy for patients to receive our brand of quality medical care. SLUCare Central is more than a standardized and centralized contact center. It is a tangible demonstration of one of SLUCare’s top priorities: extending access so more patients can connect with the right provider at the right time at the right location.

What is SLUCare Central and why is it being developed by SLUCare?

SLUCare Central will support patients through a variety of channels, such as telephone services, email, texting, myChart utilization and direct website interfaces. SLUCare Central will increase efficiency in serving patients, scheduling, referral and authorization services.  Staff members located in SLUCare Central will be trained in standardized processes, will receive support to meet designated performance goals and will have increased opportunities for collaboration.

Where is SLUCare Central located?

SLUCare Central is located downtown at 1831 Chestnut, across from Union Station. SLUCare Central is a shared, collaborative space that will house multiple SLUCare functions. The building is easily accessible, just three miles from the SLU campus and includes amenities such as secured parking, easy access to public transportation and a cafeteria.

What functions are moving to 1831 Chestnut?

1831 Chestnut will house Practice Management Operations (PMO) and clinical support functions such as patient scheduling, master scheduling, referrals and prior authorizations. In the future, a pre-arrival team and a nurse triage team are also expected to move into SLUCare Central.

What are the benefits of SLUCare Central?

SLUCare Central will increase patient and staff satisfaction by supporting administrative/clinical duties in a centralized location. This allows clinic staff more opportunities to provide direct patient care and to practice at the top of their licensure, certification and skills. Staff in the centralized location will have more opportunities for collaboration and learning because like tasks will be grouped. The patient experience will improve as SLUCare Central removes obstacles that stand in the way of patients getting the care they need.