EpicCare Link for Referring Physicians

EpicCare Link is a web-based application that allows referring provider offices to connect with their patient's health history in real time from any computer with an internet connection and up-to-date browser.

EpicCare Link provides read-only access to patient information from within the SLUCare EHR. Referring provider offices can track patient activity, such as appointments, lab results, medications, and more.

  • View live patient data on demand without needing to request records to be faxed or mailed.
  • Order lab and imaging tests for patients.
  • Create referrals to SLUCare offices (coming soon).
  • Review current patient medications and results while the patient is still in the office.
  • Receive and send messages directly from SLUCare staff securely and quickly.

Using EpicCare Link

To request access or to add a new user or clinic, go to carelink.slu.edu and click Request New Account.

Already a user? Go to carelink.slu.edu to log in.

 For more information, email the EpicCare Link team: carelinkaccess@health.slu.edu.