SLUCare Physicians: Mobile Access for Epic

Haiku and Canto are mobile apps that allow SLUCare providers to view portions of the Epic Chart from a personal wireless device.

Approved devices include:

  • Apple iPhone iOS Version 7.0 +
  • iPad iOS Version 7.0 +
  • Android OS Version 3.0 +

To request access, complete the steps below on the mobile device where the Haiku/Canto app will be used.

Step 1: Download

Download the appropriate app for the approved wireless device.

Haiku for Apple iPhone
Apple Store Icon
Canto for Apple iPad
Apple Store Icon
Haiku for Android
Google Play Store


Step 2: Configure

Tap the appropriate link to configure your device to connect to the Epic Server.

Configure Haiku for iPhone or
Android Phone

Configure for iPhone & Android(This will open the Haiku app.)
Configure Canto for iPad

Configure for iPad(This will open the Canto app.)

The app is now configured to connect to the server with this mobile device.

Need help?

For assistance, call the SLUCare service desk at 314-977-4000 or visit the EHR web page for training tips.