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Midwife Showing Ultrasound Image to Pregnant WomanMissouri’s only academic midwifery program, offering pre-pregnancy and prenatal care, childbirth services and breastfeeding support

Are you planning for a baby and desire a low-intervention birth experience? SLUCare midwives are advance practice nurses with years of experience caring for women before and during pregnancy, throughout labor and delivery and beyond. We treat pregnancy as a natural life event — not an illness — and we take an educational approach to care, empowering women to prepare physically and mentally for baby’s arrival.

As part of SLUCare Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health, our midwives deliver exclusively at The Family Birthplace at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital – St. Louis. This affiliation means our patients get the best of both worlds: a midwife birth experience, where natural childbirth is welcomed and supported, with one-to-one nursing support throughout the birth process. For patients who still desire a medicated birth, midwifery care is also an option.

Who's a good candidate for midwifery care?

Choosing a midwife is an excellent option for healthy women, age 40 or younger, at low risk for complications, who prefer a more natural childbirth experience and want to maintain a sense of control throughout labor and delivery.

Midwifery patients must meet the following criteria:

  • Singleton pregnancy (no multiple gestation)
  • No chronic or complex medical conditions, such as pre-existing diabetes, lupus, high blood pressure or BMI greater than 40
  • No more than one prior cesarean section
  • A vertex (head down) baby at full-term

If you are interested in midwifery care, but unsure if you meet this criteria, email

All the support a mom-to-be needs

When you choose a SLUCare midwife, you’ll have an experienced partner to advise and support you throughout each stage of this pivotal time in your life. We offer:

  • Expertise — our midwives are faculty at Saint Louis University School of Medicine, so we’re up to date on the latest advances in care
  • Longer prenatal office visits than in most obstetric practices
  • Educational support to help you feel confident in your body as you prepare for baby’s arrival
  • In-office ultrasounds, blood tests and nutrition consults with a registered dietitian
  • Options for pain management during labor and delivery, including nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
  • Comfortable birthing suites with portable tubs for hydrotherapy use during labor
  • Lower C-section rates than the national average
  • Vaginal birth after cesarean
  • Access to a team of SLUCare specialists — obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine specialists — and a Level 3 neonatal intensive care unit on site, should complications arise
  • Lactation education and support (now available through virtual visits), resulting in higher rates of breastfeeding compared to the Missouri average
  • Services covered by insurance , unlike cash-for-service birthing centers
  • Routine care including annual wellness exams, family planning, pre-conception visits, and — for established midwife patients — treatment for gynecologic problems

SLUCare midwives work closely with SLUCare obstetricians and maternal-fetal medicine specialists, so even if you have certain risk factors that may impact your pregnancy, we may be able to develop a plan to co-manage your care and offer you the low-intervention birth experience you desire.

To schedule a consultation with a SLUCare midwife, call 314-977-7455.

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SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - St. Louis, 1031 Building
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St. Louis, MO 63117-1858
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