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Placental and Perinatal Pathology Service

SLUCare Pathology provides state-of-the art placental and perinatal pathology autopsy diagnostic services for families who have had a death in utero, perinatal death or pregnancy with an unexpected outcome. Placental cases and perinatal autopsies for fetuses less than 500 gm are evaluated by fellowship-trained perinatal pathologists with extensive experience performing comprehensive autopsy examinations and providing consultation in high-risk, complicated cases. Recognition of genetic-based diseases allows parents to receive proper counseling for subsequent pregnancies.

We Offer:

  • Preliminary results for placentas in 48 hours in most cases. Autopsy preliminary results are sent to the obstetrician within 72 hours.
  • Interpretation of complex and routine placental pathology and perinatal pathology.
  • Expert diagnosis of twin placentas and evaluation of twin-twin transfusion syndrome.
  • Discussion of findings with the referring obstetrician and family, as requested.
  • Expert diagnosis of rare and common placental diseases.
  • For autopsies on fetuses greater than 500 gm, see Autopsy Service.

Preparing and Sending Placentas and Fetuses for Perinatal Autopsy

Placenta and Perinatal Autopsy Requisition

Fax requisition to:

314-977-7898 and 314-977-7879

Send cases to:
Histopathology Laboratory
Department of Pathology
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
1402 S. Grand Blvd., Room 462
St. Louis, MO 63104

Please call the laboratory to make arrangements for weekend or after-hours case delivery.


Reports are available online or can be faxed to the doctor's office. If requested, results can be called in to the physician.


The placental and perinatal autopsy service maintains a competitive fee structure. For specific charges, call the business office at 314-977-4567.

For More Information

For medical questions or information regarding services, page Dr. Sarah Starnes at 314-419-8050 or email