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Surgical Pathology Consult Service

Our board-certified anatomic pathologists have a broad range of expertise, especially in the pathology of:

Cases may be referred to a specific pathologist or will be reviewed by a pathologist with expertise in the area.

A number of ancillary studies are available as part of the comprehensive interpretive services of our pathologists, or as free-standing tests to be requested by referring pathologists. We offer more than 150 immunohistochemical stains including markers for breast, cytoskeletal, hematopoietic/lymphoid, infectious disease, mesenchymal, neural, oncofetal, peptide hormone and proliferation/cell cycle.

Immunofluorescence panels with anti-immunoglobulin and anti-complement antibodies are available for autoimmune vasculitides of various tissues and for bullous skin disorders. Estrogen and progesterone receptor analysis can also be performed on paraffin-embedded tissue. Transmission electron microscopy and electron microscopic microprobe analysis for trace elements can be used to diagnose and document specific etiologies of occupational lung diseases.

Surgical pathology services can include gross and microscopic examination of specimens, consultation on slides and paraffin blocks and technique-driven consultations using sophisticated techniques.

The Pathology Laboratories of SLUCare offer comprehensive anatomic pathology diagnostic services on all types of biopsies and surgical specimens. We accept referrals from patients, hospitals or clinicians. SLUCare will bill the patient’s insurance or the referring hospital.

Laboratory Information


Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Call 314-977-4646. A staff pathologist is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Page the pathology resident on call at 314-490-1402 after business hours or on weekends.

Request Forms

Cytology Requisition
Fresh Tissue/Electron Microscopy Requisition Form
Immunohistochemistry Requisition Form
Special Stains/Enzyme Requisition Form
Surgical Pathology Requisition

Specimen Receipt

Slides and blocks may be sent by mail, courier or patient. Tissue may be sent by courier or, if appropriately packaged, by mail. We will provide Michel’s Transport Solution for fresh tissue sent for immunofluorescence. Please notify us in advance if you send fresh tissue or require Saturday shipment for stat interpretation; call 314-577-8475.


Reports will be available online, in hard copy, or by fax. Results may be called in to the requesting pathologist or clinician.

For more information about  services and charges, call 314-577-8475.

Professional Staff

David Brink, MD
Director of the Renal Biopsy Service
Placental and pediatric pathology, muscle pathology

Michael Graham, MD

Miguel Guzman, MD
Neuropathology, muscle biopsy, placental and pediatric pathology

Nancy Phillips, MD
GYN, breast and genetic analysis of solid tumors

Katherine Robbins, MD

Cirilo Sotelo-Avila, MD
Placental and pediatric pathology

Carole Vogler, MD
Placental, pediatric, renal and muscle pathology